Secured, Internet Portal

PACS is a computer software for display, transmission and storage of diagnostic imaging studies. The system allows our customers to access images and reports via the internet. Access to patient appointment times and dictation voice file is also available.

By clicking on this link, you are entering an area that contains confidential patient medical information that is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. You are hereby notified that viewing, using, and/or disclosing this information, you are subject to the provision of this Act. Use of this protected health information is solely for the patients' physicians and other chosen healthcare providers.


Request Access to the Radiology Group PACS System
If you would like to become a PACS user, contact Amy Wendt, PACS Administrator, at (630) 336-7225 to obtain a Username and Password. Training on our system will also be provided to you.

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